Our Programs

We work to build community engagement and power, especially in Milwaukee's

marginalized communities, around critical water issues through connection, collaboration,

and broad community leadership.

Water City 3.0

A community defined vision for Milwaukee as a model water city developed through a highly participatory process engaging over 1300 residents.

6 INITIATIVE AREAS long term vision & short term steps

10 KEY PATTERNS to guide us in becoming a model water city

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Community Water Assembly

A community led body which fosters decision-making, leadership and stewardship for our water and advances Milwaukee as a model Water City.

We Are Water

A rich inter-arts community-wide lakefront celebration of our common waters.

This annual event creates meaningful connections to our water and each other, resulting in wide-reaching outcomes.


Water School

Each year, we bring 5 community partners from all over the city together to participate in a year-long program called Water School.  We aim to to support future water stewards and leaders within their communities through education, collaboration, art-making, and project development.

Cream City Classic-Milwaukee's 1St Open

Cream City Classic

Milwaukee's first open river swim in the Milwaukee River, aimed at raising awareness for all of our rights to fishable, swimmable waters -  an annual event to celebrate how far we've come, promote ongoing stewardship and reclaim these waters for all.

Milw. Water Commons-Confluence-Milwaukee

The Confluence

An annual to semi-annual gathering to celebrate and shape Milwaukee's water future.  The Confluence is a time to come together around the many ways we are all working to create a sustainable environmental movement in Milwaukee with an eye towards the water.