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Green Infrastructure is a term that describes ways to capture and treat rainwater where it falls and keeps it from being wasted or polluted as stormwater.  Examples include green roofs, rain barrels, soil amendments, rain gardens & porous pavement. 

Benefits include:

Ecological: improves water quality; supports growing food, plants, and habitat; increases re-use and conservation.

Economical: cost effective- reducing water use, flooding damage and overflows; creates jobs in design, engineering, installation, and maintenance.

Education: makes water processes visible; educates & increases appreciation of water.

Quality of Life: greens our city; increases attractiveness and property values; connects us to the living landscape.

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  • On all scales, from neighborhoods to skyscrapers, Milwaukee aggressively advances and enables the installation and maintenance of green infrastructure.

  • Institutionalize a city strategy that incentivizes and promotes green infrastructure as the new norm.


For more information on our Green Infrastructure initiative, please contact
Co-Executive Director, Brenda Coley or (414)763-6199.

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