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During the twentieth century, the United States became a world leader in drinking water quality as its cities engineered state-of-the-art water treatment, supply and distribution systems.  However, like many U.S. cities, the service lines in Milwaukee were constructed from lead pipe, which we now know can be a dangerous neurological toxin. 
The recent lead poisoning events in Flint, Michigan have raised national concerns about lead contamination in water.  Cities such as Milwaukee are in a position to respond with decisive action to these concerns.


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  • Milwaukee supplies safe, clean, lead-free tap water to all residents.

  • Provide adequate education, testing, and filtration technology to all homes, schools, businesses, or other facilities at risk of exposure to lead in water.

  • Develop and implement a transparent process to identify financial and regulatory tools that allow the City of Milwaukee and property owners to remove all water service lines containing lead.


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