Drinking Water

During the twentieth century, the United States became a world leader in drinking water quality as its cities engineered state-of-the-art water treatment, supply and distribution systems.  However, like many U.S. cities, the service lines in Milwaukee were constructed from lead pipe, which we now know can be a dangerous neurological toxin. 


The recent lead poisoning events in Flint, Michigan have raised national concerns about lead contamination in water.  Cities such as Milwaukee are in a position to respond with decisive action to these concerns.


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  • Milwaukee supplies safe, clean, lead-free tap water to all residents.

  • Provide adequate education, testing, and filtration technology to all homes, schools, businesses, or other facilities at risk of exposure to lead in water.

  • Develop and implement a transparent process to identify financial and regulatory tools that allow the City of Milwaukee and property owners to remove all water service lines containing lead.


For more information on our Drinking Water initiative, please contact our Water City Program Coordinator, Rhonda Nordstrom, at rnordstrom(at)milwaukeewatercommons.org or (414)763-6199.