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A community defined vision of Milwaukee as a Model Water City.

A set of initiatives and a vision to guide Milwaukee's trajectory towards becoming a model Water City.

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If Milwaukee wants to be a true model water city, all residents must be empowered and engaged in the process of solution making now.  We've used a highly participatory process to tap the expertise, creativity and aspirations of residents from every corner of our city to make this vision a reality.​

By engaging over 1300 people - in large gatherings and small groups, on the street with our mobile water cycle and in workshops, in person and online - we not only imagined what it means to be a model water city, but also created an agenda of initiatives and key practices to guide our work, The Water City Agenda.  

We invite you to take a few moments to learn more and find your

place in this hopeful, innovative effort to build a Model Water City.

Click the image to the left to view the full agenda as a PDF.

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The 6 initiatives that make up our

Water City Agenda

click on each to dive deeper

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10 Key Practices of City Life

to guide us in becoming a model water city

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2017 Progress Report

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