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Milwaukee sits on the shore of the world's largest freshwater body yet many of our children have never seen Lake Michigan.  As a model water city, we have a moral imperative to ensure every child can experience our lake and rivers.  Many cities across the U.S. are already facilitating free swimming lessons for every child.  
Milwaukee is in a unique position to go above and beyond that benchmark.  With an active sailing, kayaking, fishing, rowing and gardening community, Milwaukee could help children explore the many ways to appreciate and steward water.  Likewise, it is equally as important for our adults to participate in easily accessible water-based recreation.


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  • Every child in Milwaukee has meaningful water experiences.

  • Every adult in Milwaukee has meaningful water experiences.

  • Encourage children and adults to participate in 5-10 experiences with water every year.

  • Develop curriculum and project-based water activities for every grade level.

  • Launch comprehensive effort to teach every child in Milwaukee to swim.


For more information on our Education & Recreation initiative,
please contact our Co-Executive Director, Brenda Coley or (414)763-6199.

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