Helping catalyze Milwaukee as a true model Water City-

a place where we all have a stake in the health of our waters and

all share in their stewardship and benefits.

COVID-19: We're All in This Together

Public health is our priority and social distancing is key as we collectively battle coronavirus (COVID-19) in Milwaukee. We are taking public health recommendations seriously and ask you to do so as well. This includes social distancing – canceling gatherings & events, staying home, staying at least 6 feet away from other people when being out in public, frequent hand washing with soap, and wiping down of surfaces we come in contact with. As we navigate this new normal, Milwaukee Water Commons will continue to address water equity issues, celebrate our shared waters, and advocate for clean drinking water across the state. Clean, safe water is a human right, now more than ever. For a compilation of resources and information on COVID-19, please visit Senator Tammy Baldwin's website.

Although Milwaukee's water is very much on the civic agenda, the vast majority of the community is not included in the conversation and the health of the water is not always front and center.  Only by inviting leadership and innovation from throughout the city can we truly grasp what it means to be a model water city and activate the level of commitment necessary for achieving that vision.

It is up to us to revitalize and protect our common waters.

We work towards a bright and hopeful environmental movement in Milwaukee by focusing on 6 initiatives make up our Water City Agenda:

Our waters can divide us. 

They can also set us free.

The story of our rivers and lake is a complicated one, and it continues to be written. We're committed to building a more equitable Milwaukee water future and making sure that story falls firmly on the side of justice. To learn more, check out this great video about our partner organization, Alice's Garden, made by longtime friend of MWC, local filmmaker Jenny Plevin.

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