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Now it's time to start another historic clean-up of our Menominee and Kinnikinnic Rivers. We must continue improving water quality, removing barriers to access, and creating pathways to our communities of color who have been disconnected from the water due to a history of cultural, systemic racism and segregation. In solidarity with People of Color and Indigenous people we can do better and we will. 

The Cream City Classic was an opportunity to celebrate progress made in water quality and welcome our entire Milwaukee community back to the water as we all lift our expectations of what our waters can be.  Now it is time to continue that hopeful and restorative work.​

This is our water.  We are caring for it!  You have shown us how meaningful and important this event is and one day we will swim again.

Cream City Classic generic.png

For two years, the Cream City Classic was an incredible celebration of progress made in water quality, promoting inclusion, access, and stewardship. 

The Milwaukee River has come a long way in recent history. We've seen two dams removed, an increase in fish biodiversity, the establishment of a protected Milwaukee River Greenway, an abundance of anglers and kayakers, and downtown revitalization efforts that began with a Riverwalk and now extend to the Harbor District where the Milwaukee meets the Menomonee and the Kinnickinnic Rivers. ​

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